Creative Playground Makeover with Recycled Items

Playground is a specific place for children to play and spend some leisure time. A small playground can be designed with the help of recycled items available at home.

Looking to design a little playground for your kids, try different things and make it stronger for durability. Egg cartons can be used to design seesaw seats and place pet shop animals on the seat, because it will look wonderful. The cutest small animals can sit without any fear of falling down.

The playground is incomplete without swing, and the egg carton will also help you to design a new seat for swing.

Craft foam is a creative choice to design flower shape bouncy swing top, and use caps on milk bottles as stones. There is no need to attach the caps to the base of swing, just put them wherever you want. You can glue a couple of egg cartons as well.

If you want to display the recycled material, then you can leave the things plain, but for some decoration and elegance, it will be great to paint the seesaw. You can also use disposable plates and trays to design different swings and base for the playground.

Playground Makeover Recycled Items

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Creat Playground Recycled Items

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