Creative Ways to Reuse Old Plastic Bottles

Plastic is very fine material and the bottles made from it are also very usable. Many people are unaware of the fact that plastic bottles can be recycled in a very best way by just putting your creativity into practice. Plastic bottles are just so easy to deal with and they can be assembling to craft awesome things. If you are a creative person then these ideas will boost you to reuse plastic bottles. For the projects we are going to show you, there is no need to spend a single penny. Just collect plastic bottles and craft awesome things.

Plastic Bottle Flowers

If you have a small garden or lawn at home then get some plastic bottles, cut them and paint them in different shade and use them to make flowers. You can decor your lawn with this awesome project and can make as many flowers as you want.

Plastic Bottles Recycling

WOW! It is another wonderful and cool project made up from plastic bottles. Just cut the bottles and get a wrapping paper of stylish design. Just be careful while cutting the plastic bottles. It is a very simple project yet you have to follow the instructions carefully otherwise you would not have a shown result.

Plastic Bottles Recycled

If you want to decor your candles then make this project from plastic bottles. Pursue the instructions as we have given in the picture turn by turn. It is a little bit tough project but you can craft it in a short time if you are an expert of DIY.

Plastic Bottles Ideas

WOW! Who can ever imagine that you can convert plastic bottles into such awesome craft? Collect plastic bottle of any size and make this lovely project.

Plastic Bottles Ballon Vases

You can convert the plastic bottles into balloon vases! Just clean the plastic bottles carefully before using it for vases. There is no such hard work needed for this plastic bottle craft.

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