Design Colorful Bracelets with Toilet Roll

DIY Clourful Bracelets

If you really want to reduce your expenses, it is important for you to consider the available things around you and design valuable crafts, such as colorful bracelets. Have you ever imagined to productively use the toilet roll? You will be surprised to know that the toilet roll can be converted into a beautiful bracelet. […]

Design Perfect Bottle Light with Old Plastic Bottles

Old Plastic Bottles Designs

Enjoy a creative addition in your drawing room or dining room, because the old plastic bottles can be converted into a perfect old fashioned chandelier. If you have lots of plastic bottles of the diet coke, or soda, do not throw them out, because it is not good for the environment. You can recycle them […]

Egg Cup Floral Decoration for Easter Table Setting

DIY Decoration

Easter is coming, and it will be really excited to decorate egg cups for an attractive setting of your Easter table. Egg cups with floral setup will give an amazing look to your table. Make your Easter special by making your own perfect Easter table setting. You can choose different colors from the floral marking […]

Reuse old Candle Holders to Compliment Decor of Your House

Reuse Candle Holders

Metal candle holders can be a great debut to the decoration of your home. It will be a perfect choice to decorate your home in the fall. Are you in the search of something interesting for fall decoration? Do not overlook the copper candle holders, because these will give a unique charm to your console […]

Creatively Design a Utensil Holder with Plastic Bottle

Recycled Plastic Bottle

Do not throw stored plastic bottles in the garbage can, because it can increase the pollution level, use them to make different kids crafts and pencil holder to save the space. The plastic bottles stored in the house can be used to design kids crafts and holder to store eating utensils, like forks, spoons, knives, […]

Convert Recycled Plastic Bottles into a Toy Helicopter

Recycled Bottles Toy Helicopter

Creatively use plastic bottles to develop toy helicopter, and it will be a great project for your children to involve them in creative activities. Putting plastic bottles in the recycle bin is not useful, because you can develop some toys with their help. You can engage your children in some creative projects, because with their […]