Creative use of Wrapping Paper Thank You Cards

Recycled Paper Convert into Thank You Cards

It will be fun to design personalized greeting cards with the help of wrapping gift papers and card stock to say thanks to your guests. It is fun to design a set of greeting cards for the guests of birthday party and Christmas. You can design the cards with the help of wrapping papers available […]

Creatively Recycle your Ikea-bag and Backpack

DIY Recycled Bag Backpack

Do not throw your Ikea-bag backpack away, because you can use them creatively for other activities also, and it will be a great thing for you. Ikea-bag is made of waterproof and hardwearing material, and this bag can be easily recycled for different other outdoor uses, including carrying different gears and ropes.  The toggles and […]

Recycled Plastic Intertwine into Colorful Tableware

Plastic Coaster Crafts

Use plastic in a creative way by weaving it to design colorful tableware. It will reduce your expense and you can decorate your table in an effective way. There is no doubt that plastic is really harmful for the environment, because it is really difficult to decay, because this process can make your environment more […]

Beautifully Painted Berry Baskets

DIY Beautiful Baskets

There is no need to make some extra expense to decorate your tables, because you can recycle old baskets by using few easily available items. If you have plastic baskets at your home, then you can decorate them with the help of spray paints. Use different colors and give your old plastic baskets a totally […]

Creative Grocery Bag Fruit Basket

DIY Fruit Bag Crafts

You can create grocery bag baskets with the help of paper shopping bag, ruler, pencil and scissors. It will be a creative decoration piece for your dining table. Design a little basket to keep photo props, paper clips and cards on the desk. It will keep your desk organized, and you can use them to […]

Design Pretty Jewelry with Swiss Candy

Jewelry Crafts Recycled Material

Candy jewelry looks very attractive and unique, because it great resembles to the Swiss cheese, and you can creatively recycle plastic under this process. Required Material 6 recyclable plastic cups Heat source, such as ventilated oven Chain or wire to form a necklace Pliers Time, Cost and Preparation It will be absolutely free, because you […]