Kids Playground Made from Recycled Tires

Interesting DIY ideas for making your child happy, you can create many playground stuff for your kids by recycling old and waste tires. Create inexpensive playground things, you must have replaced tires on other vehicles but you never think for re-purposing them for making great collection of playground fun activity crafts for kid. With spending little time on it you can also make the thing that we have for you. Just utilize old tires and place it in your garden or playground.

(1) Monkey bar:

Create monkey bar for playground by recycling unusable tires of your vehicle. Make this fun equipment for your child with low cost.

Playground Made from Recycled Tires

(2) Fun activities with tire:

It’s all fun having many cool fun equipment’s playground where you can can play with your friends. It’s like the army training style steeping course.

Recycled Playground Made from Old Tires

(3) Recycle tire and make swing:

Swing is the most awesome thing that every child love, create different type of swing yourself by utilizing tires of cars, trucks etc.

Toddlers Playground Made from Recycled Tires

(4) Obstacle course:

Kids love to play in obstacle course, in this you can positioned tires in different ways through which kids passes.

Recycled Tires Kids Playground

(5) Sandbox game:

Paint tires in different colors and place them in a playground, add sand to it and start playing.

Recycled Tires Playground for Toddlers

(6) Big tire :

Reclaim the big tractor tire and paint it as you like, place it in the pool side area.

Recycled Tires Playground

(7) Obstacle course and animal toys:

Make animal from recycling tires you can also make many animal toys for garden or playground.

Recycled Old Tires Kids Playground

(8) Tire hangings game:

As like monkey bar, design a game for  your kid in ground you can also join your kind in playing game. What you need is to just fix the tires as pic showing.

Recycled Old Tires Playground for Child