DIY Old Plastic Bottles Convert Into An Adorable Doll House

As we all know that little girls always want a beautiful Doll House and they always force their parents to buy one for them. Sometimes, the doll house they offer is expensive for many parents and they are not able to buy a big doll house for their little girls. However, we have got the solution for those people. Now you guys can create a doll house all by yourself which will be economical for you as well. The only thing you have to do is to get the old plastic bottles and start working on the project.

Old Plastic Bottles

First of all you will need to collect some old plastic bottles. The styles and dimensions might vary, which would give the home an exclusive, old-fashioned look later on. You will need to make sure the old plastic bottles are dry and cleaned thoroughly.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Next you will have to cut off sections to make plastic bottles fit, then hot-glued together. At this point, you would need to draw up the positions of windows and doors with any pointer. Once the whole plastic bottles unit dries up, you will need to use glues. The glues would sleek out the jointed places, as well as the plastic bottles structure to look more like a home and less like a plastic bottles.

Upcycled Plastic Bottles

To create structural features, you will then have to do the cutting and stuck on art froth. This will provide the glass windows, gates, and moldings.

Repurposed Plastic Bottles

To create more structures on top area, the whole thing was covered with a combination of sand and glues.

Bottles Doll House

It would make it appear even more genuine as well as also provide some durability.

Plastic Bottles Doll House

With the help of sand and glues coating it appears like actual rock or concrete. Now, cut off the screw-tops to create space for more suitable rooftops.

DIY Doll House

To make the rooftops you will need foam.

Doll House DIY

You will then have to place the foam to make the rooftops and add layers of the foam in the rooftops.

Old Bottles Doll House

You will now have to add colors to this entire doll house.

Doll House Painting

After one coat of paint, you will need to let it dry.

Bottles House

When the paint dries up, you will have to give it the final colors as we have shown.

DIY Plastic Bottles Doll House

If the paint does not goes well than you can use sand along with multi-colored foam to make it look too good.