Recycled Lamp Art

Lamps are the need of each and every home. If you are an artist and love to make things on your own then craft a lamp from recycled things. There are many things at your home which are supposed to be the rough things but they can become useful with the process of recycling. You can recycle many things and then convert them into pretty and beautiful lamp arts. These crafts will not disturb your budget as they are not expensive in fact you would not actually have to pay a single penny on these amazing and awesome lamp arts.

Drum Kit into Chandeliers

This is a very pretty and beautiful drum lamp art. We have used four drums as made them lamp by just putting in the lights inside the drums. You can put these drum lamps at any roof of your home to beautify your house.

Upcycled Ceiling Lights

WOW! Can lamps are just superb to be placed at any roof or place. You can also put in search lights in these cans. You can as well use these lamps as search lighting’s. You can use any size of cans.

Table Desk Lamp

What a masterpiece is this! This is so cool and awesome recycled lamp art. You can use this recycled lamp art on the study tables. They will provide a very good lighting effect to your room.

Fan into Lamp

This is a fan lamp art! We have placed a big lamp inside the fan to have a very bright lighting effect. You can place this lamp at any corner of your room. It can also be used as a d├ęcor project.

Repurposed Lighting Fixtures

If you want to have a lot of lamps at any room of your home then these recycled lamp arts are just perfect to fulfill your needs and wants. You can put four lamps on each of the object.

Recycled Wine Bottle Desk Lamp

This is a very simple design of recycled lamp art. It can be perfectly used on a study table. You will only need one bulb or one old wine bottle to make this recycled lamp art.

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