Handmade Animals Made from Recycled Clothes

There are piles of reasons to recycle your used clothing, shoes, belts, handbags and stuffed animals. You can now make handmade animals from recycled clothes. If you have old clothes which are no more useful for you and you want to dispose them away then wait up! We have simple and unique ideas of making handmade animals from those clothes. You can use these handmade animals to decorate your home or lawn. Also, you can give these to your little ones. You will have to pursue the DIY basic techniques and methods to make these animals from recycled clothes.

Ideas for Recycled Clothes Handmade Animals

You can now make a bear from your own hands by using and recycling old clothes. You will need colorful clothes to make this lovely bear.

Handmade Animal from Recycled Clothes

Make this pretty white cat by using old white clothes and beautify it with purplish old cloth.

Recycled Clothes Handmade Animal

This is a beautiful and cute kitty which you can make for your little ones. You can complete this project in next to no time.

Ideas for Handmade Animals from Recycled Clothes

WOW! A lovely fluffy rabbit made from green and white old clothes. You have to be very careful while making this lovely rabbit.

Animal from Recycled Clothing

This is an incredible project of handmade animal. You have to be a DIY expert to make and craft this lovely handmade animal.

Upcycled Clothes Handmade Animal

This one is a colorful handmade animal and you can place it at outdoors to give it a realistic look.

Recycled Clothes into Handmade Animals

This is a very fluffy and adorable handmade animal. You can also make it flexible.

Handmade Animals from Recycled Clothing

This is a wonderful handmade animal which has been made from white and black recycled clothes.

Recycled Clothes Ideas

This is a big black bear which you can make at home easily all by yourself. You will have to be very careful while crafting its paws and claws.

Handmade Animal Made from Recycled Clothing

This is just an awesome fluffy handmade animal which you can make from skin white recycled cloth.