Design Animal Sculptures with Garbage

The animal sculptures are designed with garbage to recycle the garbage in an effective manner. Natsumi Tomita, the Japanese artist is the creator of these sculptures.

Japanese artist Natsumi Tomits introduced a new way to recycle the garbage items. You can find various items in the garbage to design creative animal sculptures. Each of these things are used in the daily life, such as bicycles, broken dustpans, signboards, broken umbrellas, and much more. You can collect all items from the garbage and give them a new life. The iron rod of umbrella, tires on a bicycle, plastic pipes, spoons, forks, buttons and plates can be used to design various animal sculptures.

With the help of plastic pipe and fork, you can design a plastic snake by combining some colorful pipes. Old spoons and forks can be used to design ears and limbs of animals. You can design colorful rabbits, rats, lizards, frogs and different other animals by collecting various items from the garbage. It will be a creative use of old stuff, and you can decorate your house inexpensively. It can be a source of additional income, and you may get an effective way to promote your creative skills.

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Animals Sculptures made From Recycled Material
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