Creative Ways to Turn Old Drawers into Planters

Planters are available in the markets at various price ranges. You can check out a variety of planters from any nursery store. Planters are used to decorate different indoor and outdoor places. If you want to beautify any of your workplace or home then you can do this by using original or artificial planters. Today, we are going to tell you about how to turn your old drawers into beautiful planters. Well, the methods vary according to the type of the planters you are going to make. Any of you can make your drawers into planters with the help of an assortment of techniques.

Creative Ways to Turn old Drawers into Planters

We have changed two drawers into beautiful planter with the help of different plants. You can use plants of any types to create this drawers planter. We have also placed stylish planter pots on this planter to make it eye catching.

Used Drawers into Garden Planter

You have to take three drawers to craft this planter. We have colored each drawer in different shade to give it an appealing look. You have to put different types of plants in each of these drawers and then place them anywhere you want.

Rustic Planter Made with Used Drawers

We have taken a big drawer and then placed plants in this. We have given this drawer a yellow shade. You have to put it on a wooden table which should be colored in green shade. You can use any small or big drawer to make this type of planter.

Elegant Planter Made with Used Drawer

You can make these two drawers planters which we have positioned vertically. You can give these drawers two shade touches. You can also place small plants around these drawers’ planters.

Old Chest of Drawers Cute Garden Planter

Take three drawers of same type, design and size. You have to give them dark shades in the manner we have shown you. On one after the other, you have to place these drawers. We have positioned them vertically to enhance their beauty.

Cute Planter Made with Used Drawers

You can make this awesome planter by using giving shade to this table which contains two drawers. You have to open the drawers and then put plants and soil in them. You can use any type of table to craft this planter.

Beautiful Garden Planter Made with Used Drawers

We have changed this dressing table into a planter. We have taken out the drawers and then placed a number of plants in them. You can décor any of your dressing table in this way and change your drawers into planters. There is no effort or money is needed to create these drawer planters.

Wooden Chest Of Drawers Planter

You can create these lovely drawer planters all by yourself with the simple method. We have not used any color or polish to create these planters. You can put them at any corner of your room or outdoor space.

Recycled Drawers Garden Planter Idea

We have changed the drawers of a study table into planters as shown above. We have used a yellow colored study table and then used bales and plants to turn it into planters. You can also place small planter pots around it to adorn it more.

Old Drawers Planter

If you have drawers of different types then you can use them to create this planter. We have given rough shades to these old drawers and then placed plants. You can also use artificial plants for this project if you want.

Drawers Cute Garden Planters

You can now make this awesome drawers planters in which we have also planted the surface as shown above. You have to cut the surface of the table and then place plants in them.

Repurposed Dresser Drawers into Garden Planter

This is an Upcycled drawer plant which has been created with a simple method. You can take stand of any type but it should be strong enough.

DIY Recycled Drawer Planter Stand

We have created this huge planter from drawers. We have placed drawers one after the other. You have to give them yellow and green shade. You can put big plants in these drawers.

Planters Made with Used Drawers

Recycled Drawers wall Planters Old Dresser Drawer Planter Recycled Old Drawers Planters