Creative Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden For Your Home

There are different ways in which you can plant a vertical garden in your home. The majority of people love gardening and they grow plants in their home lawns. If you are one of them then you would love these following ideas. These ideas are not inexpensive but also they are expensive. You can beautify our place in many ways especially through vertical gardens. There are different designs in which you can make vertical gardens. You can easily copy any design of your choice. These ideas can be made by even a novice. You can make your lawn or outdoor area beautiful with these concepts.

Creative Ways to Plant a Vertical Garden For Your Home

You can make your lawn or outdoor area beautiful by making Alphabet vertical garden. Yes, we have made an alphabet H but you can go for any alphabet or write text through vertical gardens. It is so easy to make and you would only have to put effort in it.

Succulent Letter DIY

You have to get a piece of wood or any other material that is big like a door. Then on it, you have to fix different plant pots. You can use pots of any size or shape. You can also use shaded pots instead of the simple ones.

DIY Vertical Herb Garden

You can make this beautiful and attractive outdoor vertical plant project in a short time by just using the plants in a circular order. You can fix it on any wall of your outdoor space or even can place it indoor walls. It can also work like a decoration piece. You can also gift it to any of your loved ones.

Succulent Wreath

You can make your areas beautiful by just using these bales of plants. You have to get a big and thick piece on which you can fold the bales of the plants. We have fixed a thick in the plant pots to fix up these bales.

PVC Pipe Vertical Planter

You can now make this beautiful plant frame easily by just crafting small flowers like we have shown you above.

Living Succulent Picture Vertical Vegetable Garden Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden Felt Plant Pouches Small Space Pallet Garden Plastic Bottle Hanging Planter