Adorable Ways To Decorate with Washi Tape

Washi tape is anything but difficult to apply to any shape sought, very modest as redesigning tasks are concerned and in a fantastic large number of choices to look over. We adore enhancing ventures and washi tape is the key element for the correct stylistic theme formula. Washi tape can resuscitate any furniture thing. You can even make a unique shading code no one but you can comprehend and arrange your printed material as needs be. It makes one of a kind beautiful euphoric adornments and enhancing things that can fill in as accents in your plan plot. By mimicking surfaces the specialty tape can add profundity and life to nearly anything. It can be modified to make things more creative.

Adorable Ways To Decorate with Washi Tape

Washi tape is very useful and you can use it for almost any purpose. It is quite a reliable and durable object. You can highlight anything on paper with washi tape. It is a tape which is next to transparent but is present in different shades and styles. You can use like we have shown you above.

Washi Tape on Calendar

You can now make these switches beautiful and stylish by using washi tape. We have decorated these switches with different designated washi tapes. You can use the same pattern like we have shown you in the above picture. It is time to say goodbye to those old and ugly looks of switches and hello to the new ones which you have adorned all by yourself.

Washi Tape Cords

You can now beautify your cell phones or cover the cell phones. We have used various washi tapes in designing and beautifying this cell phone. You can give a good impression on people by adorning your cell phone. You should use the tapes in a random and inclined manner like us.

Washi Tape Phone Case

You can use washi tapes on the edge of your doors. Those people who think that these tapes are just good for cell phones and papers should consider this door. We have only beautified the door by putting a thick layer of washi tape on it.

Washi Tape Your Door Edges

Do you have a iPad? Want to make it more attractive? Could not find the cover you want? Then why don’t you try washi tape? Look at picture, we have shown you the way to décor your ipad only by using washi tape. We have taken a beautiful textured washi tape and then used it on the borders of the ipad.

Washi Tape iPad Makeover

WOW! What a beautiful idea is this! You can use different washi tapes on each of the keyboard button to make the keyboard eye-catching and beautiful.

Washi Tape Laptop Keyboard

You can now make designs on your stairs by using washi tapes. Washi tapes are strong enough so you can without any doubt use them on your stairs. We have gathered different types of washi tapes and used them as shown. The washi tapes would not be so expensive so it is quite a cheap project.

Washi Stairs

We have beautified the glass bottles with uniquely design washi tapes. You can décor any type of bottle from it like plastic, steel or any other. You can use these bottles as vases.

Washi Tape Bottles

You can make calendar by using two colored washi tapes. It is a beautiful way to decorate your walls. You can also write different reminders on the washi tapes and put them on calendar.

Washi Calendar

It is another wonderful project in which we have used different stylish washi tapes. You can décor planters, vases or any other material in a short time.

Fireworks Vases

You can also dress up a switch plate by using any type of washi tape. The method is quite comprehensible. You would only have to check finishing of the edges. Do not use the washi tape on the button.

Dress Up Your Switchplates

It is another way to décor your doors. Make different patterns on your doors by using washi tapes.

Door Design

You can make different small flags by using these tapes. The flags can be made on small or big toothpicks.

Washi Tape Food Picks

Beautify your walls by making different stylish or plain designs through washi tapes. You can use different colorful washi tapes on your walls.

Washi Wall

It is time to adorn your old cup holder. Change the look of your boring cup holders as washi tapes do not get damage from heat. They are easy to apply on anything.

Washi Tape Trivet

You can copy the project we have shown you above. We have only used two washi tapes for making these wall holders.

Washi Tape Fridge Magnet Pegs

You can also make wall arts from these tapes. We have made an alphabet but you can also write texts by using washi tapes.

Washi Tape Wall Art

You can also gift wrap your gift boxes with washi tapes. Use any colored theme for your gift boxes.

Washi Tape Bow

You can also put images on the wall and around them apply washi tapes as a border. It would look like a frame.

Tape Picture Frames

You can not only beautify walls but also can your white jars and jugs. We have used the same but different stylish washi tapes.

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