20 Exceptionally Shiny DIY Glitter Ideas & Projects

Glitters are not just used for specific and small projects. They can be used for numerous of projects. You can beautify your old jewelry, decoration items, or anything else by just using glitters. If you are a DIY beginner then you might not know much about the usage of glitters in DIY projects but if you are an expert then you must have information and ideas about using glitters in different projects. Today we have brought some of the exceptional ideas about using glitters. These ideas will inspire you a lot to make anything unique by just using the glitters. Glitters are easily affordable.

20 Exceptionally Shiny DIY Glitter Ideas & Projects

You can now make a cup planter and put it any place which you want to décor. They will work great as a decoration piece. You can use glitters on the bottom of the cups. You can choose any colorful glitters. The glitters are used in a large amount at the bottom of the pure white cups.

Glittered Mugs

Do you have feathers at home? Then why don’t you beautify them with glitters and use them as an adornment or décor item? We have just placed glitter the upper part of the feathers with golden color glitter. You can also use golden shade under the glitters. We have used glitter spray but you can choose any.

Gold-Dipped Glitter Feathers

You can make this awesome project and gift it to any loved one. In this project we have used glitter of golden color in the center. You can make this heart as big as you like. Do not use spray glitters in this project as it can be rasterizing. Only use the pen glitters like us to have fine edges. It is a very cheap object to make at home.

Glitter Heart Art

Make these holders more beautiful by just using colorful glitters. You can use customized shaded glitters or can copy our idea completely. Also, paint the hangers with matching tones.

Glitter Hangers

You can now make your purse more beautiful by just using one color glitter. We have also placed glitter on the bow of the purse to make it shiny.

Glitter Gold Bow Clutch

You can now make a ball like we have shown you above. You can put glitters on this ball to make it more beautiful. You can put a small light in this ball to have a pleasant look at your outdoor space.

Glitter Disco Ball

You can spray the glitters under the candle holders. You can also glitter the “&” letter. Get some candle holders of glass and then do the task like us.

Glitter Candle Holders

WOW! Get some old leaves and then put glitters on these leaves. You can use different shades on the glitters and put them on any wall of your home. You can use small black rods on these leaves.

Falling Leaves Garland

You can now decorate your balloons with glitters. You can do this project for any event or occasion. You can now put glitters on the bottom of the balloons. The colorful balloons can be placed on the glitter but at the bottom. You can get different stylish balloons and then put glitters on these balloons.

Confetti Dipped Balloons

Do you want to prominent your useful keys? Well, copy this idea and you can make your life easy. Color the keys with glitter of your preferred shades to know which key is of your car, bike or door. It is a very easy method to find the keys on time.

Glitter Keys

You can make your hair bands more beautiful by just using the glitters. We have made a paper heart shape and then pasted onto the hair band. After that we have sprayed red glitter on it to make it awe-inspiring.

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