20+ Awesome DIY Lamps and Chandeliers You Can Make Using Everyday Objects

At present, you can make different lamps and chandeliers by using different things. You can beautify your place with lamps and beautiful chandeliers. It is very expensive to purchase these two things from any market. But it is cheap to make them at home. The designs which we are going to show you cannot be seen anywhere else. You can check out the below gallery of unique DIY Lamps and Chandeliers. We would only use the everyday objects. It is time to change the look of your place. If you have the guts and experience of DIY projects, then you can surely make them all.

20+ Awesome DIY Lamps and Chandeliers You Can Make Using Everyday Objects

Get a bunch of plastic spoons which are easily present at every home. You would just have to arrange them like we have shown you above. You should use colorful spoons of plastic which can beautify your place. You can make it as big or small as you like. The bulb is placed in the center of the spoons.

Silicon Slotted Spoon Lamp

WOW! What an awesome way to make lamps! With the reels of pictures you can make these lamps. First get small transparent boxes and then put a small light bulb in them. After that décor this box with film or picture reels. That’s all you have to do to make it!

Photo Negatives Lamp

What a superb chandelier is this one! Get some colorful cones and then on place them as we have shown you. You can dangle this chandelier at any place. If you are throwing a party at home then this chandelier is a must to have. It can change the entire look of your place.

Spike Lamp

You can now make chandelier from small cupcake paper cup. This paper cup is used to put cupcakes but they can be also used in a chandelier. You would need a lot of paper cups and then make a ball from them. You would have to place a bulb in it and dangle it in the middle of your room. You can make your drawing room or living room more beautiful by just using this DIY project.

Paper Orb Lights

It is a project which you can make with papers or rough clothes. We have made it this chandelier by cutting the paper. You should cut the paper into a rough size to have this look. It is a cheap DIY project to make at home easily. Just follow the guidelines properly to have this awesome chandelier.

Paper Starburst Pendant Light

You can now recycle the cardboard papers to create this awesome chandelier. We have reused the thin cardboard paper and turned it into hexagon and pentagon shape. It is quite difficult to collect lots of thin cardboard papers but it is not impossible. Be careful while arranging these cardboard papers.

Recycled TetraBox Lamp

You can now arrange cups of cupcakes in the random order. Put small light bulbs in these cups. Be very cautious to create this awesome lamp for your bedroom or drawing room. It would surely beautify your room.

Paper Cup Light

Make hexagon, pentagon or any other shape from paper and then arrange them in the order shown above. Make this ball shaped chandelier which can give finishing to your room.

Folded Paper Hanging Sphere Lamp

If you have old hats then you can put small light bulbs in them and with a thread or thin stick you can dangle them anywhere. You should first clean up the hats carefully.

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