20 Awesome DIY Clothing Hacks to Refashion Your Clothes

You can now refashion your clothes in a fine-looking way. In the present day, we are going to show you lots of projects that you can do by just using your old clothes. Clothes can be used and reused a lot of time. You can also give your old clothes a new shade and design by just using your innovativeness. Are you one of DIY fans? Do you love to create something new by using your old clothes? Well, then these DIY projects are just of your interest! You can turn simple clothes into stylish ones by just putting some effort! You can become a fashion stylist!

20 Awesome DIY Clothing Hacks to Refashion Your Clothes

You can make this beautiful and stylish shirt by just turning your old shirt. We have first made the measurements on this pink shirt with the help of specific tools. You have to make pattern on the shirts and then cut it.

Ruffled Tube Top

In this awesome manner, we have turned a simple shirt into a stylish one. You first have to trim the white shirt and then stitch it. For this project, you should know how to measure clothes and stitching. Proper stitching is the key to finishing.

No Sew, T-Shirt Vest

If you are bored from your old shirt then you can change it into this cool dress. You can wear this dress on any party or event. You have to make it sleeveless.Racer Back Tee

We have made first trimmed shirt and then used that trimmed piece to make the pattern. We have made pattern and then stitched it on the shirt again but in vertical form.

The Supersize Braid T-shirt Hack

You have to use pencil and scissor for the measurements. You have to make designs on the shirt but you have to make the pattern on the back side of it.

The Rib Cage - Spine Tee

You have to use blade to make this fashionable T-shirt. We have used blade on the front and back side of the T-shirt. You have to make this design in the vertical form.

Slashed Tee

You can now cut your T-shirt from the above side and you can use thread to copy this design. We have used a thick thread. You have to make the hooks properly according to the thread.

Laced Up Collar Sleeves

You can now turn you cut your shirt and then put these adornment items on each piece. The design is quite unique so you can impress your friends and family by turning your old shirt into new one.

Fringe Top

Get a blade and if you are expert in using it, you can make this fabulous design. We have made this lovely design on the rear side of the shirt. You can customize this design and make amendments according to your needs.

Angel Wings Cut Out Tee

We have made a Cross on this T-shirt. You can create this cross on any side of this T-shirt although it would look nice on the back side.

Cross Cut Out T-Shirt

You can now cut your shirt from the back and then again stitch it in a zigzag manner. It is perfect for girls who love to wear fashionable clothes casually.

Butterfly Twist Tee

You can create this design on the bottom the shirt. You can craft this design on a lot of shirts. It is not a tough one.

Anthro-Inspired Hip Cinched Blouse

Make stylish collar like we have shown you. You can also put a button on it to enhance its beauty.

Necktie Tie

You can make bow style on the collar of your shirt. You can wear it wherever you want as it is for both formal and informal use.

Pussy-bow T-shirt

You can check out this lovely shirt which we have beautified by making a bow and belt style on it. You would look smart in it but be careful about the measurements.

Shirt Dress

You can now take different clothes and stitch them together to make a new one. We have collected different colorful clothes and then stitched them jointly in beautiful pattern.

Puzzling Shirt Knotted Tee Braided Back Shirt Fabric Flower T-Shirt Refashion Oversized Cropped Tank