DIY Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

Recycled Earrings

You can use the old stuff and upcycle them to create jewelry. We have got the best jewelry ideas for you which you can make all by yourself. You can get the old stuff which you think is not useful anymore. These jewelry ideas are easy to follow and attempt. You can make jewelry according […]

Recycled Jewelry Art

Jewelry from Recycled Rubber

Recycling things and making new objects from the old ones is a very fabulous idea. Each person should try his best to make and craft things from those things which are old and useless. At the present, people are trying to make recycled jewelry. It is quite easy and cost effective project. As we all […]

Recycled Jewelry Hangers DIY

Wooden Jewelry Hanger

Are you worried about how to manage and organize your jewelry in an effective way? Well, we have fixed you this problem also with this DIY recycled jewelry hangers. Some of these jewelry hangers not only help to store and arrange your jewelry but also function as an exclusive walls design piece. These Recycled Jewelry […]

Jewelry Made from Plastic Ice Cream Spoons

Plastic Ice Cream Spoons Earrings

Ice cream spoons that are made up of plastic can be used for different purposes. People used to throw away the Plastic Ice Cream Spoons without having knowledge or concern that they can be used to make various things. For those people, we have got some awesome Jewelry ideas Made from Plastic Ice Cream Spoons. […]

Popsicle Stick Jewelry Ideas

Popsicle Stick Earrings

Many of you have not heard about creating jewelry from Popsicle sticks. Popsicle sticks are very useful and they can be used to make various crafts but today we will present you some of our latest Popsicle stick jewelry ideas which you will not just love but also try to make one also. There is […]

Stylish Wire Jewelry Ideas

Wire Bracelet

Creating wire jewellery can be both fun as well as fulfilling when you can appreciate your completed part. The raw convenience of a pellet covered with wire is what makes wire items so wonderful. Wire also allows you the independence to get innovative with changes, changes, and parcels. Why would not you want for making […]

Innovative Upcycled jewelry Ideas

Keyboard Buttons Jewelry Necklace

Nowadays, people are getting interest in making things by themselves especially women. We have brought some amazing ideas of jewelry for women from recycled material. By just following some DIY techniques and methods, one can easily make jewelry with recycled material. The first project we have brought is of earring made from Christmas light bulbs. […]

10 Awesome Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

Upcycled Watch Face Earrings

These 10 awesome up-cycled jewelry ideas will preserve you on the edge of fashion and gainers break the bank. Carrying jewelry could make you appearance hip, even if worn on an undeniable shirt. It indicates your persona and love for fashion. Take waste, pieces and sections, and unique results and grow them into something fresh […]